Psychological Wellbeing in Productions
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Psychological Wellbeing in Productions

Full support and aftercare is given to cast and crew members for their mental health and well-being. 

When working with contributors on production it is important that their physical safety, mental health and psychological wellbeing is taken care of.

With the increase of mental health awareness in the industry, it is important that productions are competent to assess and provide the correct support. To help with this we produced a guidance document on how to manage mental health and psychological wellbeing, along with an accompanying checklist which is available on our website. Documents on the website: 

(Accessible for retainer clients)

At 1st Option our specialist adviser, Charlotte Copeland – Psychotherapist and Managing Director of SafeHaven Trauma Centre can offer advice on managing mental health on particular productions and psychological first aid training.

If you would like to train your team today then contact us today on: 
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Charlotte Copeland 

Charlotte is a psychotherapist who has specialised in psychological trauma and psycho-physiological health throughout her career. 

Her research includes psychotherapy for haemato-oncology patients at Manchester Royal Infirmary, the poster presentation for this won an award at the 2015 British Haematology Medical Conference; and emo-somatic therapy (psychotherapy with craniosacral therapy) for Military Veterans with PTSD, which was a world first in this area undertaken as part of her MSc and taken to the ISTSS 2017 International Trauma Conference. 

Her experience includes working with a wide spectrum of sectors including OEM Manufacturing, TV & Media Production, Retail, UK Government, NGO’s and the emergency services. Her work has included developing crisis mental health care policies and protocols and providing training and support to personnel and workplace peer networks

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