Safety Support
Safety Support

Onsite Support

Consultant support to your production, event or venue.

Our onsite support consultants work with you to achieve your goals while keeping your production, event or venue safe and secure.

Recce Support - General:

  • Provide general advice and support with initial plans and ideas to ensure that potential hazards are identified early on.
  • Advise production on their legal Health and Safety duties and responsibilities.
  • Highlight gaps and advice on how legal compliance can be met whilst maintaining creative vision.

Recce Support - Location:

  • Help identify potential hazards from the location or proposed activities.
  • Advise on fire precautions and procedures including temporary alarm systems, firefighting equipment, safe emergency exits , emergency lighting and signage.
  • Advising where extra checks should be made such as asbestos, water or structural surveys and recommend competent contractors to carry them out.
  • Advise on appropriate first aid cover based on the location and activities.

Recce Support –Activities:

  • Liaise with stunt, SFX and other high risk teams to advise on best practice and compliance including competence of operators, such as stunt performers, SFX technicians and armourers. Checking of proposed working methods.
  • Liaise with Head of Departments to help ensure best working practice of teams. Advice on potential hazards with regard to child performers or persons with extra needs.
  • Liaise with departments as to the suitability of equipment for specific tasks such as, lifting equipment such as MEWPS for lighting and cameras, barriers and harnessing when working near exposed edges, shooting with or from moving vehicles.

Crew Competence

  • Advising on current expected training and competence standards.
  • Provision of training in, safe management of production, events, OBs.
  • Fire Warden Training, Asbestos Awareness, Emergency First Aid at Work, Senior Manager’s Briefing, Manual Handling, Working at Height, Location Specific Briefings, Health and Safety for Location Managers, Safe Design and Construction of Sets.

Vetted Suppliers

  • Access to a list of pre-vetted suppliers who are regularly checked.
  • Vetting and scrutiny of contractors safety management systems to help ensure production’s due diligence.
  • Regular monitoring of departments to ensure compliance with appropriate regulation by inspections and document checks.

Emergency Procedures

  • Help and advice on appropriate fire controls and precautions to help ensure fire risk is low.
  • Provision of Fire Safety and First Aid equipment.
  • Provision of on-set medics and pre-vetted list of providers.

During your shoot

  • Monitor rigging for safety and compliance.
  • Monitor elevated platforms and lifting equipment for safety and compliance.
  • Monitor electrical installations safety.
  • Help ensure that risk assessment controls are adhered to.
  • Where activities change help ensure they are appropriately assessed and advice on appropriate precautions.
  • Monitor crew working time and stress levels and advice productions accordingly.
  • Monitor catering and welfare facilities.
  • Monitor child protection.
  • Ensure complete safety records are retained and logged for future use.
  • Liaison with emergency services.
  • Monitor working and advice production and HoDs on potential breaches and concerns.
  • Manage accidents and incidents, reporting to authorities and conducting investigations with production clients as required.

Additional Services for High Risk Productions

  • Medical and environmental health briefing and training ( Chemical, biological and radiological risk management support).
  • Specialist advice for remote or extreme locations.
  • Advise on specialised equipment.
  • Remote area communications and tracking solutions.
  • Onsite safety, security advisers and medics.

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