WHAT'S NEW - US venue safety task force

United States task force formed to tackle venue safety

United States officials have announced the creation of a security task force aimed at tackling security and safety risks in large venues.

The task force is planned for the state of Massachusetts, headed by Governor Charlie Baker.

Comprising sixteen members in total, including Massachusetts State Police Colonel Kerry Gilpin and Boston Police Commissioner William Gross, the task force will be responsible for identifying safety and security risks faced by large venues, recommending standards and best practice for planning and training, and drafting any recommended changes to statutes and regulations.

“Forming this task force will inform future decisions to enhance security while maintaining everyone’s ability to enjoy a game, concert or conference,” said Baker.

The task force has been formed in response to attacks such as October 2017’s mass shooting on the Las Vegas Strip.

Secretary of Public Safety and Security Daniel Bennett commented: “With this task force we can go take what we want, put it together, work together and prevent an event like what happened in Las Vegas.”