WHAT'S NEW - Stuntwoman Sues Sony Pictures

Stuntwoman Sues Sony Pictures After Injury While Filming

Stuntwoman Laurie Singer has sued Sony Pictures for an injury she sustained on the set of 2017 comedy Rough Night.

Singer served as Kate McKinnon’s stunt double in the film, and sustained injuries while filming a scene which called for her to crash a watercraft at 28mph, launching herself on to beach sand.  Singer has filed a 13-page complaint accusing the studio, along with the film’s production companies and stunt coordinators, of failing to place safety pads underneath the sand to cushion her impact.

The suit also accuses the filmmakers of failing to call an ambulance.

“The defendant’s actions were reckless, careless, negligent and grossly negligent and showed a gross disregard for the safety of the plaintiff,” states the complaint. It goes on to state that as a result of the incident, Singer has suffered a brain injury, vertigo, and cervical injuries.

Sony Pictures declined to comment on the case.