WHAT'S NEW - Stuntwoman Injured In Rehearsals For Lord Of The Rings

Stuntwoman Injured In Rehearsals For Lord Of The Rings

by Vandana Thanki

Elissa Cadwell, a Brisbane-based stunt woman, actor and dancer was recently injured on the set of Amazon’s Lord of the Rings television series, during rehearsals at Kumeu Film Studios. 

Sources confirm that Elissa fell into a large tank of water as planned but struck her head on a bolt in the process. The New Zealand Herald said that Cadwell suffered severe concussion and required plastic surgery with one witness saying that the injuries were traumatic.

A statement from Amazon said “While rehearsing a stunt on set, one of our talented stuntpersons was injured and sustained a cut on her head, she was immediately transported to a hospital, where she was seen by a specialist and went home to recover shortly after.” The statement continued “We are happy to report, she is doing well and we plan to have her back at work soon. The health and safety of our cast and crew is our top priority and we are reviewing the accident to ensure we are maintaining the highest levels of safety on our production.”

The NZ government health and safety regulator, WorkSafe, was first made aware of the accident after several inquiries by the Weekend Herald newspaper.  The law in NZ (as in the UK) requires workplaces to notify the regulator of serious workplace injuries, “as soon as is reasonably practicable.”