WHAT'S NEW - Stunt safety on The Punisher

Emmy-nominated stunt coordinator talks about stunt safety on The Punisher

In an interview with Syfy, Thom Williams, the Emmy-nominated stunt coordinator for Marvel’s The Punisher shared plenty of illuminating details on the behind-the-scenes preparation that went into the high-octane stunts in the Netflix superhero drama.

“There’s always risk,” said Williams. “There’s always danger and my job is to make it as safe as possible. I’m constantly thinking about everything that can go wrong.”

Discussing the tricky stunt shown in the finale in which a character’s face is impaled on a mirror, Thomson said, “A couple of the mirrors we used weren’t quite what we wanted them to be, so we ended up lining tape on the back of them so they wouldn’t fall apart. And then I lined the back of them with high-density foam, so when the stunt double was going headfirst into it, there was at least a little cushion in there.”

“We’re always very clear to make sure they knew that if they felt like it was getting out of control, that they had the full ability to yell ‘Stop!’”, said Williams, referring to the actors and stunt performers on set. “But it never got to that point. We were always nice and safe.”

Williams’ work on The Punisher has seen him nominated for an Emmy for Best Stunt Coordination in a Series (Drama).