WHAT'S NEW - Sandra Bullock Injured On Set

Bird Box Director Reveals Sandra Bullock Was Injured On Set

Netflix's recent post-apocalyptic thriller Bird Box has seen unprecedented success, but award-winning director Susanne Bier revealed that lead actress Sandra Bullock was actually injured during the making of the film.

With the film's plot seeing Bullock threatened by a creature that compels its victims to suicide when they look at it, many characters in the film wear blindfolds for safety.

"Right from the very beginning Sandra said she wanted to wear the blindfold for real, she didn't want to see," explained Bier. "She even spent time with a blind man who teaches other blind people how to navigate."

However, it was this dedication to the role that led to the injury, with Bier revealing Bullock walked into a camera as a result of the blindfold.

"She was bleeding from a cut," said Bier. "But she carried on."

It's a safety risk that even Netflix has been forced to issue warnings over, with audience members launching "the Bird Box challenge" on social media.

"Please do not hurt yourselves with this challenge," said Netflix on its official Twitter account after the challenge inspired people to attempt to complete every day tasks blindfolded, sometimes for up to 24 hours.