WHAT'S NEW - Revised Sentencing Guidelines

Revised Sentencing Guidelines

The Sentencing Guidelines for Manslaughter, including Gross Negligence Manslaugter the offence used for the most serious health and safety breaches were revised on 31st July.  Here are the relevant extracts from the revised Guidelines.

Gross negligence manslaughter – this occurs when the offender is in breach of a duty of care towards the victim which causes the death of the victim and amounts to a criminal act or omission. The circumstances vary greatly. In a domestic setting it could include parents or carers who fail to protect a child from an obvious danger. In a work setting, it could cover employers who completely disregard the safety of employees. 10 offenders were sentenced for this offence in 2016.

The guideline will come into force in courts on 1 November 2018. (But will apply to offences committed before that date).