WHAT'S NEW - Rebel Wilson Suffers Concussion

Rebel Wilson Suffers Concussion While Filming

Rebel Wilson revealed she suffered a concussion while filming new romantic comedy "Isn't it Romantic?" this week.

Speaking to People, Rebel Wilson described how she sustained a head injury during filming for one of the film's pivotal scenes with co-stars Adam DeVine and Liam Hemsworth.

"I was walking to meet Adam and Liam for a rehearsal when we were shooting an outdoor Hamptons scene, and I slipped down a grass hill," said Wilson.

"I got a concussion and was rushed to the hospital for three hours, and then came back and filmed a 16-hour day. I thought, how ironic, not from doing one of the crazy stunts, but from the grass having a bit of dew on it."

A concussion was not the only injury Wilson sustained.

"Two of my toenails came off because of the flats I was wearing," Wilson added.

"Isn't It Romantic?" premiered in Los Angeles on February 11th.