WHAT'S NEW - Rapper Jon James Killed in Stunt

Rapper Jon James is Killed in Music Video Stunt

Canadian rapper Jon James was killed while filming his latest music video when an aeroplane stunt went wrong.

James, 34, was filming for a scene in which he walked on the wing of a Cessna aeroplane in flight when the accident occurred.

According to James's management, he walked too far, causing the small aeroplane to do into a downward spiral. Ryan Desrochers, the rapper's manager, commented to CNN, "Jon held onto the wing until it was too late, and by the time he let go, he didn't have time to pull his chute. He impacted and died instantly."

"He died filming for a project he had been working on for months. He had trained intensely for this stunt," Desrochers added.

The plane landed safely, with no other casualties, CNN heard.

James is survived by his wife, parents and his brother. His death is being investigated by Canada's Transportation Safety Board and the British Columbia Coroners Service.