WHAT'S NEW - Production Assistant Paralysed on the set of Batwoman

Production Assistant Paralysed on the set of Batwoman

by Vandana Thanki

Amanda Smith, a Vancouver Comedian and Production Assistant was severely injured on the set of The CW’s Batwoman on Wednesday 11th March 2020.

Smith was working under the Georgia Viaduct when she was struck on the head by the bucket of the telehandler during the filming of the drama.  Amanda’s colleague, Tyler Mazzucco, explained that she could not hear the machine over the sound of the traffic from the viaduct above.  

Amanda suffered serious spinal injuries, including a burst vertebrae.  She was rushed to Vancouver General Hospital for emergency spinal surgery and can no longer feel anything from the waist down. 

Friends and family are hopeful with time and rehabilitation, that Smith will be able to regain sensation in her legs. Amanda will remain at the hospital for a while before being transferred to the GF Strong Rehabilitation Clinic’s spinal cord injury programme.

On Friday, Mazzucco launched the Amanda Smith Rehabilitation Fund to raise $50,000 on Smith’s behalf.

Mazzucco said “Amanda will be unable to work for the foreseeable future and she needs our help to make ends meet until she settles,’’. 

WorkSafeBC confirmed that they were called onto the scene. The provincial agency is investigating the incident, so similar accidents can be prevented in the future.

WorkSafeBC spokesperson Craig Fitzsimmons said “We were notified on the morning of March 11 of a serious workplace incident on a film set in Vancouver near Carrall and Pacific Boulevard. We responded and sent a safety officer to the site.”