WHAT'S NEW - Now a Garmin stockist!

1st Option is now a Garmin stockist!

In the past few weeks our security advisers and paramedics have field tested the Garmin inReach Explorer on support tasks in Iraq, Syria, and across central Asia.
Drew Cook, one of our safety advisers, is currently on an expedition to ascend unclimbed peaks in the Indian Himalaya and is using one as his primary communication means in the toughest, highest and most remote of locations.

The inReach is a hand held satellite communicator that provides location sharing, tracking navigation and critical SOS functions across the globe via the world wide coverage of the Iridium satellite network. We have found that they are an effective tool to track and share the progress of a team, whilst the text function allows the user to communicate with any mobile phone number or email or communicate to another inReach on the ground (it can also post to social media if you want it to!).

It can be reassuring to have an emergency SOS function. If this is triggered it immediately goes through to an emergency 24/7 monitoring centre, who can help arrange support, and with access to a round the clock operations centre, we can work with a team to develop a bespoke response to the situation and challenge the team may face.
Another big plus is that they are rock solid and simple to set up and use, and whilst they are not the most discrete of devices, the added functionality of the detailed mapping available and the ability to obtain weather forecasts have made these firm favourites with our advisers and the productions they support.

So popular in fact, that our equipment team have become a Garmin stockist, so we now have these available to hire and buy. So if you would like information on any Garmin product (the wearable tech is very cool), please do get in touch. Retained clients will benefit from their usual discount.