WHAT'S NEW - Nicholas Cage films with injury

Nicholas Cage films with ankle fracture injury

New fantasy action thriller Mandy sees Nicholas Cage playing “a barbarian – of sorts” who embarks on a rampage of revenge against a villainous cult, but in interviews to promote the film, Cage has shared that he almost didn’t take the part.

After fracturing his ankle in 2017 while shooting for the action film 211, Cage was set to begin filming for Mandy. “I didn’t want to lose the movie,” said Cage, “but I was still kind of going through rehabilitation on my leg. I had to get up to speed with those fight sequences and with very little time, and there was no margin for error.”

“Just in case,” said director Panos Cosmatos, “I began incorporating the injury into the character… I was concerned that the injury would slow production, but he healed in record time.”

Cage added, “Having to get up to speed with the stunts and the fight sequences in a very short amount of time actually was great for my rehabilitation. So kind of a happy accident.” However, looking back at the shoot, he reflected it was, “probably not something that, in hindsight, one would recommend.”