WHAT'S NEW - Man Run Over By Car at Festival

Man Run Over By Car at Festival

A man run over by a car while asleep in his tent at the Falls Festival in Australia has said he's lucky to be alive, according to the Daily Mail.

Andrew Pepper attended the festival in late December, where he says his repeated concerns to organisers about the cars parked alongside tents on a steep hill - in rainy weather - were not answered.

Pepper, 24, was accidentally run over by a car leaving the site while he slept in his tent on New Year's Day.

Pepper suffered a fractured vertebrae, and is currently waiting for MRI results testing for bleeding in his brain. He has not yet been given the all clear by his doctors to return to work.

"It was an accident waiting to happen," Pepper told Daily Mail Australia. "I woke up to the sound of people screaming. Doctors told me it was lucky I was sleeping on my stomach. Had I been sleeping on my back, it could have done damage to my vital organs and I could have been in trouble."

He claims festival organisers have not yet got in touch with him. "The fact organisers haven't been in touch is annoying," he stated. "Unless changes are made, someone in the future is not going to be as lucky as I was."

Pepper's friends share similar concerns, with friend Prue Brunt stating, "I am concerned to go back knowing I could be placed on that hill again and my safety be compromised."

The festival organisers have released a statement expressing they were "saddened" to hear of the accident.

"We have multiple levels of safety checks that go into planning of the event site," the statement says.

"We have experienced event staff who park cars on site, to ensure they are parked on safe angles and for risk mitigation purposes we park cars nose to tail to prevent movement."