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Kristin Chenoweth reveals she still struggles with 2012 set injury

Actress Kristin Chenoweth has revealed she is still “learning how to deal” with a chronic injury she sustained following an accident in 2012 on the set of US television programme The Good Wife.

While filming for the legal drama series, Chenoweth was knocked unconscious when a lighting rig fell on top of her, causing her to fall and hit her head on concrete. The injury required her to be hospitalised for a fractured skull, in addition to neck, rib and hip injuries.

“A big piece of lighting equipment fell on my face outside in a big, big gust of wind,” said Chenoweth.

Though six years have now passed since the accident, Chenoweth has revealed she continues to experience pain as a result of the injuries. Speaking to People magazine, Chenoweth said, “When you get injured you have to take the time to heal. I went back a little soon. I’m still learning how to deal with chronic pain… I’m lucky I’m alive.”