WHAT'S NEW - Jon Bernthal Breaks Hand Filming The Punisher

Jon Bernthal Breaks Hand Filming The Punisher

Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Jon Bernthal has revealed that he broke his hand while filming the second series of Netflix's The Punisher.

"I like to do all my own stunts. I like to do the fighting myself," said Bernthal. "I broke my hand in the first fight scene of the season this year. I knew exactly when it happened. It was a three-day fight scene, and it was the first day. I hit somebody. And I'm a boxer, I knew immediately it was broken, but me being the orangutan I am, I didn't say anything to anyone because I didn't want to get pulled. I wanted to stay in the fight. So the very thing I had to do with a broken hand was my man Jordan Scott, our stunt performer, he had to take my hand and bash my broken hand into a table... now I got torn ligaments in my hand."

Bernthal went on to explain that he asked the stunt coordinator if he would be able to do stunts using his left hand rather than his right - but did not reveal his injury. However, the stunt coordinator, unaware of Bernthal's injury, rejected the idea of using his left hand.

"So the next thing I've got to do I've got to kick this guy's leg out and catch him right in my poor hand," continued Bernthal. "Now I've dislocated my hand."

After revealing his injury to the crew, Bernthal's character Frank Castle was given a hand injury that would allow Bernthal's hand to be wrapped in a cast for all following episodes.