WHAT'S NEW - Jimmy Buffett Sued

Jimmy Buffett Sued Over “Severe” Concert Injury 

American singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett is facing a lawsuit after an accident that left a woman allegedly suffering "severe" injuries.

Mary Kay Puckett claims that during her work as a truck driver transporting stage equipment for Buffett's 2016 tour, she was told to unload the equipment but refused as she lacked the appropriate training to do so.

The lawsuit, filed by Puckett against Jimmy Buffett, his Margaritaville company, MGM Resorts and Live Nation Entertainment, goes on to state that after crew members began to "verbally assault" her, she agreed to unload the equipment.

During Puckett's attempts to unload the equipment, "four heavy black steel production rigging items" fell on top of her, which the suit claims was due to the defendants "carelessly and negligently" loading them on to the truck.

The suit goes on to state that as a result of the accident Puckett suffered "severe bodily injuries and disfigurement", along with "anxiety, emotional stress and loss of enjoyment of life".

Puckett is seeking a minimum of $75,000 in damages to cover medical expenses.

Jimmy Buffett has not yet commented on the lawsuit.