WHAT'S NEW - Is this the end for L.A.’s Finest?

Is this the end for L.A.'s Finest?
By Vandana Thanki

Bad Boys spin-off series, L.A.'s Finest production accident causes Co-showrunner, Brandon Sonnier’s leg to be partially amputated. 

Upcoming American action drama, L.A.’s Finest, based on the film series, Bad Boys (starring Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union) was set to premiere on 13th May 2019 but production has been shut down due to a major vehicle accident resulting in Co-showrunner, Brandon Sonnier’s leg partially being amputated. 

Sonnier and his fellow executive producer, Brandon Margolis were both injured in the accident on Thursday 21st February 2019. Deadline reports that the accident involved a stunt car crashing into a cargo crate which then affected the ‘video village’ area where Sonnier, Margolis and a few others were watching the stunts on monitors. 

Margolis suffered a few minor injuries and was released soon after whereas Sonnier remains hospitalised. An investigation is currently underway to determine how the accident happened and what precautions to take next time to prevent accidents like this happening in the future.