WHATS NEW - Introducing our New Online Risk Assessment Tool

Produce expert risk assessments every time with our online tool.

  • Specifically designed for TV and film production, venues and events
  • Select common production hazards and edit pre-filled text to suit your needs
  • Submit to colleagues for authorisation or amendment
  • Produce pdf version for emailing or printing
  • Clone previous assessments
  • Can be fully customised for your organisation
  • Per user fully flexible billing

1st Option Safety Group, together with our software engineering partner Accelero Digital, has developed an online interactive tool to help production companies and broadcasters create high-quality production risk assessments quickly, simply and securely through a few clicks of a button.

Its simplicity lies in the fact that the main content is pre-written by our safety professionals, but can be easily adapted to reflect each individual production activity.  The heart of the tool is a comprehensive library of typical production hazards and their corresponding controls across a range of  different genres including sports productions, live events, news gathering, radio, hostile environments, as well as studio and television general productions.

Once you have been set up on the cloud based system it is a straightforward task to either create a risk assessment from new or review/amend an existing one.

You simply enter the production details in terms of who, when, what etc. and then choose the activities relevant to what you’re planning to do from the A to Z hazard/risk list.  You can select as many of the relevant hazards/risks that you need and the online tool will automatically build the risk assessment based on your list of choices.

Once the activity list has been completed the assessment can then be sent off to a colleague, or a manager, or a safety professional for review and authorization. The signed off assessment can then be shared with anyone either through the online tool, or as a pdf for emailing or attaching to a call sheet.  

The tool is available for an annual fee according to the number of users, plus a small set up charge.  It is available ‘straight off the shelf’ as it stands or you may choose to add in your own branding, or choose certain tick boxes to pop up a message which refers to their own internal policy/procedure, or contact person.  The extent of customisation will be reflected in the set up fee.   

The online risk assessment tool has been designed to save production risk assessors precious time, but also it provides to them a comprehensive and thorough review of the hazards and the possible applicable controls, from which they can fashion a really high quality risk assessment. 

This is especially the case when it comes to writing up a complex or multi-location production risk assessment. Rather than spending their time manually writing everything out, and constructing the hazards from first principles, the tool can do all of this legwork for them.

It really is the most efficient way to produce a great risk assessment!

Please contact us at autoRA@1stoptionsafety.com for a free trial or a quote.