WHAT'S NEW - HSE to Enforce Workplace Social Distancing

HSE to Enforce Workplace Social Distancing

The HSE have issued guidance on social distancing, keeping businesses open and in-work activities during coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.  

The guidance cites concerns around workplace social distancing and says the HSE are in touch with unions.  

It says that where the HSE identify employers who are not complying with the PHE guidance, for example by not taking action to ensure social distancing or not allowing 'shielded' at risk individuals to self isolate, they will take a range of actions including giving specific advice through enforcement notices.   

The guidance encourages businesses to stay open but to 'take every possible step' to facilitate working from home.  It says you can still travel to work if necessary provided you, or anyone in your household does not have any Coronavirus symptoms.  

Where employers have people in their offices they should where possible follow PHE guidelines on maintaining 2 metres distance between people and have facilities for regular hand  washing. 

For advice on how to apply the PHE guidance to productions contact the First Option Advice Line 

Read the full HSE guidance here.