WHAT'S NEW - Hot Air Balloon Explodes During Festival

Hot Air Balloon Explodes During Festival

Nine festival-goers have been injured after a hot air balloon exploded over a crowd during the celebrations.

Myanmar's annual Tazaungdaing Festival of Lights, marking the end of the wet season, took place on November 14th, with the festival's organisers inviting attendees to launch unmanned hot air balloons filled with an average of 60 kilograms of fireworks into the air.

However, the festival's organisers told the BBC that one balloon burst into flames when the fireworks exploded, sending the balloon crashing down into the crowd.

Dr Than Win, a member of the festival's organising committee, told the BBC, "Last night, a hot-air balloon with 40 pounds of explosives fell from 300 feet onto the festival. Because the balloon fell into the middle of the festival, where there were a lot of people, of course it hit some people."

"Like always," he added, "people ran away when this happened."

In 2014, four Tazaungdaing attendees were killed when a similar accident occurred, while 2017 saw 15 people injured and two killed by a hot air balloon crashing into the crowd.