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Heavyweight Boxer Deontay Wilder Shocks Viewers After Breaking Mascot's Jaw 

World heavyweight boxing champion Deontay Wilder has apologised after breaking the jaw of a mascot.

While appearing on Nacion ESPN, a Spanish-language programme which airs in the United States, Wilder - known as the Bronze Bomber - was playfully invited to punch the giant mascot alongside him.

However, Wilder sent the mascot reeling back with a powerful punch, reportedly breaking the jaw of the actor inside.

Though media outlets initially reported Wilder was unaware there was a person inside the costume, he has refuted this on his personal Instagram, stating, "Anything headlining I didn't know a 'Human Being' was in there is just straight 'Click Baiting'."

Wilder went on to add, "I sincerely apologize to the brave man that was injured."

Wilder plans to defend his title against the former world champion Tyson Fury in Los Angeles.