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Multiple Injuries After "Hamilton" Musical Panic

Multiple people were injured during a February 15th performance of Hamilton at the SHN Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco after a mass panic began in the crowd.

When a member of the audience suffered a medical emergency during the show, other patrons mistook the event for an active shooter, triggering mass panic and an alarm, according to the San Francisco Fire Department.

Three people were hurt when the crowd rushed to evacuate, with the most serious injury being a broken leg.

The original medical emergency was a heart attack, with the patron listed in current critical condition.

Videos posted to social media of the event show the police response to the situation, with members of the audience describing the scene on Twitter as "mass chaos" and criticising the lack of "support and direction from SHN staff".

"No announcement," replied another patron. "It took us an hour to reconnect with our family."