WHAT'S NEW - First Option TV and Film Production Health and Safety Advisor Training Course

First Option TV and Film Production Health and Safety Advisor Training Course 

First Option have developed the world’s first TV and Film production Health and Safety Advisor training course. 

The 3-day training course is IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health) accredited - IOSH is the Chartered body and largest membership organisation for safety and health professionals.

For the past three months, First Option has been putting its team of over 30  in-house and associate consultants through the course, and will be making it mandatory for all new consultants joining the team.  

The training course introduces consultants to their role as a H&S adviser within the TV and Film sector; the First Option safety management systems, culture and way of working; the underpinning drivers for health and safety; accident causation in context of TV and Film production; H&S legislation, enforcement and regulation; production risk assessment and risk management.   

The course then goes on to cover all of those key aspects in more detail through the use of practical exercises and case studies.  The end of course assessment consist of an online test and a practical assignment over two days to formulate a production risk assessment based on a production scenario.  A 60% pass mark is required in both elements in order to receive the much coveted IOSH certificate.

“As a newcomer to the sector, I found the training extremely valuable. It has helped me to transfer existing skills effectively through structured learning, discussion and excellent course materials. I would fully recommend for anyone looking to gain expert insights into the inner workings of TV & Film production safety” Martin Barraclough 

The training is designed to give assurance to our clients that the production consultants who are supporting and advising them are not only qualified safety professionals but also have a practical knowledge and understanding of key production related issues, understand the industry terminology and language, and can adhere to First Option’s high standard of service delivery.