WHAT'S NEW - Firework shot into concert crowd

Las Vegas concert left in chaos after firework is shot into crowd

Electropop duo ODESZA’s set at Las Vegas’s Life is Beautiful music festival ended in chaos in its final moments when the fireworks display went wrong.

For the final moments of their set, the duo set off a string of fireworks to finish the show – but one firework shot loose during the pyrotechnic display. According to law enforcement, two concert-goers suffered injuries, with one being hit in the stomach and another in the eye. A representative for Life is Beautiful confirmed both attendees were treated at the scene.

Footage from the incident has been shared online, with one attendee describing it as “terrifying”.

Another concert-goer commented: “I was having a great time until a rogue firework literally exploded in front of our faces – is anyone going to accept responsibility?”

The Life is Beautiful organisers have not yet provided further comment on the incident.