WHAT'S NEW - Fire Safety in Partnership with Bells and Two Tones

1st Option are delighted to announce our partnership with Bells and Two Tones Fire and Rescue.
Together we can now provide a complete solution to film and TV production safety, medical and fire and rescue needs.

Bells and Two Tones have been supplying fire cover for the TV and film industry since 1989 and have worked on many of the biggest productions for Warner Bros, Disney, Netflix and the BBC to name but a few.

Based at Pinewood and the Bottle Yard Studios, Bristol, they have a range of appliances to cover any requirement with highly trained, current firefighters including CAA qualified crew for any kind of aircraft fire.

In addition to fire and rescue and medical cover, they also supply the unique Bells and Two Tones ‘Warm Rain’ ® and pool heating systems to work with your SFX team if you require a warm water solution to your effects. This fully portable equipment can be set up and providing 36 degree water within an hour.

It’s worth remembering that, along with Health and Safety requirements employers have a duty in law to carry out a fire risk assessment of the workplace, tell staff about the risks identified, put in place and maintain fire safety measures, plan for emergencies and provide information, fire safety instruction and training.

1st Option are the leading providers of safety support, training and equipment to film and TV production and together with Bells and Two Tones can now provide your production with a complete package including onsite medical and fire and rescue support.

Follow this link for employer responsibilities regarding fire