WHAT'S NEW - Festival-Goer Injured in Knife Attack

Festival-Goer Injured in Knife Attack

Chester Crown Court heard this month how Louis Maddock, 25, attacked victim Mark Kenny at Creamfields festival in August.

According to Kenny's testimony, Maddock spotted him in a tent area at approximately 9pm and began attacking him with a knife.

Prosecutor Jo Maxwell stated, "Mr Kenny describes feeling shocked. He said the defendant wasn't saying anything, only slashing out with the knife."

Kenny's testimony describes a scuffle between the two men as he attempted to defend himself.

"The defendant swung the knife in a downwards, diagonal motion," said Maxwell, "and he cut the throat of Mr Kenny with the knife."

The court heard that following this, Maddock fled, leaving Kenny to seek medical attention for the wound.

Kenny claims he has suffered poor sleep following the incident, in addition to flashbacks and nightmares.

He no longer attends festivals.

Judge David Hale sentenced Maddock to seven and a half years in prison for unlawful wounding, along with a concurrent sentence for possession of a bladed article.

"This was in any view a very serious incident," said Hale. "You go to a musical festival, you have... a knife, and you use it in an attack on this man with whom you appeared to have no particular quarrel."

Speaking after the hearing, Detective Constable Ciara Murphy of Cheshire Police commented, "This was an unprovoked attack and the victim was left with three slash wounds, including one across his neck which caused substantial bleeding.

“The consequences of this attack could have been far worse."