WHAT'S NEW - Fan Successfully Sues Skrillex Over Concert Stunt

Fan Successfully Sues Skrillex Over Concert Stunt

TMZ reports that a judge has ordered record producer and musician Skrillex to pay over a million dollars to a fan injured at one of his concerts.

Fan Jennifer Fraissl was awarded over $4.5million (£3.57million) in her lawsuit against Skrillex after claiming a stunt he performed caused her to suffer a stroke. Skrillex was found responsible for 35% of the damages, or approximately $1.6million (£1.27million).

The remainder of the balance will be paid by Skrillex's touring company.

Fraissl claims her injury took place when Skrillex jumped off the DJ table during a performance at The Belasco Theater in Los Angeles.

Skrillex has since released a statement claiming to be "disappointed by the jury's decision" but adding, "There is nothing more important to me than my fans and their safety at my shows — I want them to have fun and enjoy the music."