WHAT'S NEW - Esports shooting

Esports events re-assess safety after tragic shooting

Esports event organisers have been discussing the need to heightened safety precautions in the wake of a shooting at a video game tournament in Jacksonville, Florida.

The tragic event occurred after David Katz, a twenty-four year old from Maryland, opened fire into the crowd gathered at Madden NFL 19 Tournament, killing two people and injuring nine before turning the gun on himself. The event was captured by an online stream of the event.

Katz went by the gaming moniker “Bread” and previously won two Madden tournaments in 2017.

Reactions to the event have seen the most popular video game tournament, the Evolution Fighting Game Championships, promise that metal detectors will be installed on all entrances to the venue this year, a measure which has not been used in previous years.

The remaining Madden NFL 19 tournaments, which were scheduled to take place in Dallas and Virginia, have been cancelled in reaction to the shooting.