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Cybersecurity Training 

What’s the point of cybersecurity training – and how do you make sure it works for you and your company? Martin Turner is a former BBC Bureau Chief, Head of operations (one of its first video journalists) who has broken every rule in the cybersecurity handbook. Now running our cybersecurity partner, Full Frame Technology, he explains what goes into a successful course and how to ensure people enjoy them. 

Let’s be honest, cybersecurity training is hardly top of the pops. Full disclosure; at the BBC, I may have chosen to leave the country to avoid yet another information security course. 

That lack of popularity is hardly surprising when users are described as the “weakest link” in the cybersecurity chain. Online, multiple-choice quizzes may tick a compliance box but they do nothing to engage people with the real issues of cybersecurity.

In the media sector, ‘users’ are obviously core to the success of any company. They’re also hard-wired to overcome the obstacles involved in programme-making. So, it doesn’t make any sense to talk down to them.

We loathe the “weakest link” approach.  It immediately creates a barrier between the people on a course and the information being presented to them.

In fact, the people who work for a company – whether freelance, contract or staff – are an essential part of keeping the organisation safe.

Fundamental to that is making cybersecurity a live topic, rather than something that is kept in a box and let out when there’s a problem.

Our courses are based on real examples taken from what’s happening right now. We produce a weekly news digest which means we always have up to date material that we use to refresh our content.

There is obviously an increasing focus on security among commissioners. The requirements are onerous, and training is an essential element in ensuring they’re met but, beyond simply meeting requirements, building security into the fabric of your organisation is good business.

Although our courses take place in a work context, we make sure that they connect to people’s everyday life. Many of our delegates have thanked us for making cybersecurity real and improving their overall security.

We have an absolute ban on jargon – to the extent that people on our courses are entitled to fine us if we start using technical terms they don’t understand. The prospect of losing our £20 is a great motivator to us to keep things simple.

Sessions are irreverent, engaging and above all relevant. Although we offer a core “essentials” course which covers the key issues, we also work with organisations to tailor sessions to specific requirements.

Users tell us how engaging they find our courses – even when they’re dealing with data protection. At the end, people always stay back to follow up on issues they’d like to talk about in more detail. In the media business, with users who have a natural scepticism, we believe that is high praise indeed.

Course Overview    

1st Option Safety Group has joined forces with security specialists Full Frame Technology to offer you our Cyber Essentials Course.

Designed by media experts for media experts.

The interactive 2-hour programme is designed to provide a firm foundation in the key elements of information security and data protection. We offer a variant of the course with content aimed at managers and teams leaders. 

Dates: Tuesday 29th October and Wednesday 20th November

Time: 10am-12pm

Venue: 16-18 Berners St, W1T3LN

To book your place on the course today click here:

Email: training@1stoptionsafety.com

Call: 0203 301 1256