WHAT'S NEW - COVID-19 Production Manual - The Yellow Book

COVID-19 Production Manual - 'The Yellow Book'

Updated: 17th July 2020

Our new production manual - 'The Yellow Book' sets out the detailed measures we advise should be taken by all productions to both operate safely and ensure compliance with the current COVID-19 control restrictions.

The latest edition reflects the easing of restrictions to date and changes to the UK Broadcasters and other guidance. It also includes much of the detail about the practical measures and precautions that we have learnt working with productions as they restart.

These include:

  • Use of mitigation action where 2m separation is not viable (i.e. 1m plus principle)

  • Reference to updated Broadcasters guidance

  • Added information around infection rates and onset of symptoms

  • Added list of producer's responsibilities to align with broadcasters guidance

  • Added advice on RIDDOR reporting requirements

  • Expanded categories of groups, including those with disabilities requiring a specific risk assessment

  • Additional editorial and mental health considerations

  • The need for keeping records of who has visited the location/set

  • Shielding requirements for high risk group removed

  • Additional advice on action to take if someone displays symptoms

  • Additional guidance around use of fogging machines

  • Removal of 'Diagnostic screening section' and replaced with 'Close Contact Work- Isolation and Testing' section

  • Added law on mass gatherings

  • Added new section on 'Data Collection' for advice on record keeping, data protection and GDPR

  • Added link to government advice on Close Contact Services

  • Added link to NHS Test and Trace service

  • Additional information on the effectiveness of face masks and use of face coverings

  • Updated training diagram following release of ScreenSkills basic training package

  • Removed Work Equipment section due to repetition

  • Updated UK Government advice on travel into and from UK

  • Added link to IFTA production guidelines

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The Manual builds on our previous guidance and the recent protocols published by broadcasters and the BFC.  It aligns with those protocols and provides more detailed information about how COVID-19 risks should be controlled within specific production activities and departments.

It has been compiled by our team of experienced production safety consultants and in collaboration with medical, microbiological and production experts. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is an evolving situation and the manual will be updated on a regular basis as knowledge and best practice develops.

Download our generic COVID-19 Risk Assessment Template

Detailed Protocols covered in the Manual

Action to be taken in cases of infection ∙ Art Department, Set Decoration and Graphics Camera department - Catering and eating arrangements Children on productions Cleaning and Disinfection Construction Costume/Wardrobe Creatives and Production Crowd scenes Diagnostic Screening Directors and ADs Distancing DIT Domestic Dwellings Galleries/OB Vehicles  Grips ∙ Hair & Make Up Health Declarations Health Monitoring and Testing during Production Health Screening and Temperature Testing Hygiene Insurance and Liability Considerations Lighting Technicians Locations Meetings, Auditions, Castings, Show & Tells Offices and Workshops Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Post-Production Houses/Edit Suites/ADR Facilities Props department Recces/Technical Scouting Rest Areas Scripted Action Special Effects Sound department Studios and Sets Stunts Temporary Accommodation Training and Awareness Transport and Unit Vehicles Visual Effects Work Equipment.

Managing COVID-19 Risks on Productions' course

To support our guidance we have developed an online 'Managing COVID-19 Risks on Productions' course.  

A link to the course content, availability and bookings can be found here.