WHAT'S NEW - Concert Stampede Leaves Six Dead, Over 50 Injured

Concert Stampede Leaves Six Dead, Over 50 Injured

Six concert-goers, including five teenagers, have been killed following a stampede at an Italian rap concert.

The Sfera Ebbasta concert, which took place in the Italian town of Corinaldo's Blue Lantern disco, descended into panic after someone in the crowd unleashed an irritant spray, according to survivors.

Video footage from Italian news programme RaiNews24 shows members of the crowd rushing towards the disco exit.

Authorities claim that the concert organisers sold too many tickets for the space, with Ancona province's Chief Prosecutor Monica Garulli stating that 1,400 tickets were sold, but the disco is only able to hold an estimate of 870 people.

Premier Giuseppe Conte added that though the Blue Lantern disco features three rooms, only one was used for the concert itself - and it is estimated to hold approximately 470 people in total.

"The government must ask itself what to do so that such tragedies never happen again," said Conte.

One survivor was questioned by RaiNews24 as she left hospital about the stampede. "Whatever it was, it left me and others unable to breathe," she commented. "People started to panic."

Rapper Sfera Ebbasta has commented on Twitter that he is "deeply pained" by the tragedy, adding, "Stop and think how dangerous and stupid it is to use pepper spray in a discotheque."

Italian President Sergio Mattarella has demanded a full investigation into the incident.

"Citizens have the right to safety wherever they are, in workplaces as well as places of entertainment," said Mattarella.