WHAT'S NEW - Concert Floor Collapses

Concert Floor Collapses, Injuring 300 People

More than 300 concert-goers have been injured in the Spanish region of Galicia after the floor of a seafront promenade collapsed during a concert.

During the midnight celebrations of the O Marisquiño concert in Vigo, Galicia, a wooden platform suspended by concrete pilings suddenly collapsed into the water. More than 300 festival attendees fell the 40-meter-long platform and into the sea water.

After checking the area with thermal cameras, local firefighters have confirmed that though 300 were injured, there have been no fatalities and there are no survivors trapped within the wreckage.

The president of Vigo’s port authority Enrige López Veiga, has stated that the concrete pilings supporting the promenade “probably collapsed because of the excess of weight”. Vigo’s Mayor Abel Caballero has announced an investigation into the incident.