WHAT'S NEW - 10,000 delegates successfully trained on First Option’s Covid-19 courses

10,000 delegates successfully trained on First Option’s Covid-19 courses

When productions ground to a halt in March 2020 due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, First Option began designing our Managing Covid-19 Risks on Productions course; a course to provide delegates with an understanding of the current risk management protocols in respect of Covid-19 and production, and to give a broad overview of the risk management issues to be considered during the making of programmes during the current crisis. 

In May 2020 the course was launched and one year later our incredible training team has successfully trained 8,459 delegates to ensure they have a thorough understanding of protocols, procedures and Health and Safety regulations, including how productions should manage the risks in studios and on location. Using interactive sessions via Zoom to utilise multimedia presentation, the course reviews real life control strategies currently being used on production and allows for group participation and discussion.

What our clients said:

“Clear, concise and authoritative orator, encouraged a hive mind to questions raised. I would seek out the trainer to deliver future training.”

“The course was well paced with two breaks and plenty time to take in the facts. The main facts were clearly emphasised. A pleasant way to learn.”

“Entertaining, engaging and informative.”

Once productions were back up and running, the need for dedicated Covid-19 supervisor’s onsite became essential. With this in mind, our Covid-19 Supervisor course was launched in June 2020 and a further 1,544 people have now completed the training which enables successful delegates with the role requirements of a Covid-19 Supervisor. 

Designed to help participants implement control measures and protocols on shoots, the course includes employer's obligations with respect to Covid-19, as well as Health and Safety regulations, risk management techniques, risk assessment principles, risks resulting from Covid-19 and appropriate controls including: crewing, recces, locations, travel, communal spaces, hygiene procedures, use of PPE and emergency arrangements. 

We’ve had some great feedback:

“Great course that was well put together and delivered, thank you so much.”

“Clear and concise information excellently presented by a very informative trainer.”

“Terrific, relaxed, informed and expert. The trainer marshalled the day in a way that enabled the course to evolve and take shape within a well-devised, relevant framework of study.”

On top of these figures, we have also supplied Covid-19 training to a number of universities and colleges during the same period. To date, 2,021 students have been enrolled onto online course offering, with 1,099 students having passed. 

Paul Greeves, MD of First Option said: ‘We’re delighted to have been able to help the industry get back to work during the pandemic and we’re grateful to all our clients and partners in the production community who have engaged with us to jointly develop and refine our advice, protocols and training. It’s been a great collaboration which we will continue to build on as we start to exit the Covid-19 crisis.’

Whilst the situation remains ever-changing, we continue to adapt and refine our training to meet the current needs of production and so far our courses show no signs of slowing down in popularity. For more information about our Covid-19 training, or to book a space, visit our website here, or contact training@firstoption.group.