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Van Morrison concert plagued by “shambolic” security and safety problems

A Van Morrison concert was plagued by hour-long queues, “free-for-all” seating, car park gridlocks and venue hazards, according to angered fans.

The concert, which was held in Bedfordshire, saw fans trapped in three-hour queues to exit the event.

Speaking to The Telegraph, one fan explained she bought disabled seats for herself and her elderly parents, only to find other festival goers had taken the seats, with the stewards refusing to move them. “It was disgusting,” said the fan. “I was in agony from having to stand for so long arguing with the stewards.”

“The disabled toilets didn’t have any lights or anywhere to wash your hands,” said a disabled concert goer. “That’s really dangerous for someone like me who can pick up infection really easily.”

English Heritage, who own the venue, have stated they will raise the complaints with the event’s organiser, with a spokeswoman commenting, “The concert was an independent event organised by GCE Live who were responsible for all aspects of it.”

GCE Live stated the delays in exiting the event were caused by “a road traffic accident on the A6” and added, “GCE Live would like to apologise to those who had difficulty leaving the Wrest Park site on Friday after the Van Morrison concert. We thank those who waited patiently as we worked to resolve the problems on the night. We are currently investigating why this happened and how we can guarantee this doesn’t happen against at future events.”