WHAT'S NEW - Globe of Death Stunt

Nine Bikers Injured in "Globe of Death" Stunt

Nine motorcycle performers have been left injured after a circus stunt went wrong.

The "Globe of Death" stunt forms part of the Circo D'Italia's circus performance, and shows stunt performers riding motorcycles at high speed around a large mesh sphere.

During the performance, which took place in the Peruvian capital Lima, one stunt rider fell off his bike, landing on top of the other performers. Video footage filmed by a member of the audience shows the motorcyclist falling from the top of the sphere on to the other performers.

A spokesman for Circo D'Italia confirmed that of the nine injured motorcyclists, five are currently hospitalised. He continued, "Every bike is checked before the event but the truth is we do not know what happened."

Circo D'Italia's performances will continue, without the "Globe of Death" stunt.