WHAT'S NEW - "Freak Accident" at Medieval Recreation Event

American Man Killed in "Freak Accident" at Medieval Recreation Event 

NBC News has reported that a Virginia man was killed in a "freak accident" during a medieval recreation event in Northern Kentucky.

Retired Army lieutenant colonel Peter Barclay, 53, was performing on horseback during the Society for Creative Anachronism's event in Williamstown when the accident occurred.

John Fulton, president of the SCA, told reporters that Barclay was attempting to spear a paper plate with a metal lance while on horseback. However, when the tip of Barclay's lance hit the ground it flipped, impaling him under the sternum.

"This is just such a shock to all of us," stated Fulton. He added that this is the first time anyone has died at an event hosted by the SCA.

Barclay was air-lifted out of the event to be transported to a nearby hospital, but died en route.

"[Barclay] was a top equestrian," stated Fulton, adding that he had practised medieval sports for over 30 years.

Barclay is survived by his wife Deborah, his daughters Amy and Taryth, his father Jack, and his brothers John and Charles.