WHAT'S NEW - “Lax” Security at TwitchCon

“Lax” Security at TwitchCon Prompts Anxiety From Attendees 

In the wake of a deadly shooting at an esports convention in August, convention-goers at this month’s live-streaming convention TwitchCon, taking place in San Jose, have spoken out on the convention’s security measures.

Speaking to Huffington Post, attendee Chad Zinger said, “[Security staff] didn’t even ask us to take off our bags or set them on the table, they just waved us through.”“It makes me extremely uncomfortable, considering what happened in August,” said Zinger.

August saw a gunman opening fire on attendees at the Madden video game tournament in Florida, killing three people and injuring 11 others. One survivor from the incident has since filed a negligent security lawsuit.Twitch streamer and attendee Keith Isaia described a similar experience to Zinger, telling the Huffington Post, “I told [the security guard], ‘You didn’t look in my bag, and she said, ‘We’re not supposed to’.”Some attendees took to social media, with Twitter user @KBohartz stating, “We are not being checked at security AT ALL… Is @Twitch aware of this lax decision?”

A San Jose police officer told the Huffington Post that approximately 240 people, including 40 police officers, secured the venue.
In a statement, Twitch confirmed that it had “shared the reported attendee experiences” with the convention’s security staff.“
The safety of our attendees is our top priority,” the Twitch statement continued. “All bags are required to be checked.”

“With not having all bags checked,” said Isaia, “it could go badly quickly.”