Covert Vest without Plates


Comprehensive protection - ballistic, stab and fragmentation protection in one vest
Protection levels unaffected by moisture
Anatomically designed for optimum comfort and mobility
Vest design allows for comfortable sitting and car driving
Spacer fabric lining allows air circulation around the body
Optimum wearer and comfort allowing wear for long periods
Blunt trauma injuries minimised
Large insert pockets available for up-armour plates
Covers available in flame retardant fabric
Can be used overtly or covertly

 Protection: HOSDB HG1/A, HG1, HG2, HOSDB KR1, KR2, HOSDB SP1, SP2 (once plates are added the protection level reaches 4)

 Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

 Standard colours: Beige, Black