Senior Managers’ Briefing

Course Overview    

The course is for Chief Executives, Directors, Senior Production Executives and other senior staff with health and safety responsibilities. Price is for up to 12 attendees

The Senior Managers Safety Briefing is a succinct presentation on current health and safety issues. It has the precise aim of revitalising health and safety thinking in your organisation. The briefing will look at your risk profile and outline the benefits of having a proactive health and safety strategy. It will give you an opportunity to discuss and learn about current health and safety issues of concern and the likely effects of new health and safety legislation.

Learning Type: Interactive session utilising multimedia presentation, review of real life incidents, syndicate exercises, group participation and discussion.

Duration: 2 hours

Course Content 

  • Discussing what the major risks within your Organisation’s activities (its risk profile) are and what health and safety initiatives are needed to manage them
  • Discussing the existing and intended changes in statutory law which will ensure that corporations act responsibly
  • Examining current accident trends and discussing the cause of major incidents, and whether your current health and safety management systems are robust enough to prevent incidents
  • The benefits to be derived from the adoption of a proactive safety strategy and management system and the elements it should contain:
    • the policy on health and safety
    • the organisational arrangements needed for ensuring successful health and safety management
    • the planning of health and safety systems and procedures that will ensure the safe conduct of work activities
    • the measurement of health and safety performance and the review of your health and safety management strategy

    Aims & Objectives:
    The briefing aims to revitalise management thinking on health and safety issues whilst emphasising the need for proactive health and safety management.


This course has been accredited by the Production Safety Passport (PSP) scheme as industry-standard, high-quality and widely-recognised health and safety training. Upon successfully completing this programme, you will gain a PSP certificate via the ScreenSkills website which employers can use to verify your level of training. This is valid for 5 years. Further details of the PSP can be found here

At client’s request, this course can be scheduled either in our offices or offsite.  Price for up to 12 attendees.

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