Safe Management of Studios (TV and Film)

Course Overview    

This course is for Studio Operation Managers, Studio Managers, Studio Engineers, Studio Technicians, Turnaround Managers, Scenic staff, Studio crew.

Designed to give you a broad overview of the health & safety issues to be considered when working in a studio. This course will explain why health and safety is needed and will give practical methods of how safety should be managed. The exact course content can be tailored to suit the organisation and operations of each studio and the participants on the course.

Learning Type: Interactive session utilising multimedia presentation, review of real life incidents, syndicate exercises, group participation and discussion.

Duration: 1 day

Course Content 

The course concentrates on the practical aspects of safely managing a studio:

  • The importance for managing risk
  • Legislation and key responsibilities
  • Hazard recognition and risk assessment
  • Typical health & safety issues affecting TV/Film Studios. For example: Electrical Equipment/Fittings, Gas (Mains or compressed); Use of Practical Flame; Use of Glass; Hazardous Substances; Materials used in scenery; Smoke Effects/SFX; Use of Revolves/Rostra; Use of Water; Unusual /Heavy Flown Scenery; Staging and Scaffolding; Video Walls; Construction; Audiences; Use of Contractors; Working in the Grid; Camera/Sound Operations etc.
  • Accident causation

 Aims & Objectives:

  • A broad overview of the risk management issues to be considered when working in TV/Film studios, including hazard identification, risk assessment and good health and safety management
  • The opportunity to analyse and discuss risk management techniques, including hazard identification and risk assessment
  • Information about risk management policy, procedures and arrangements, including how studios should interact with productions, contractors and others
  • To provide information about the legal framework


Certificate of attendance will be issued upon request.

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