Safe Management of Special Effects (SFX)

Course Overview    

The course is aimed at anyone already familiar with special effects work but who require more depth of knowledge regarding general health and safety requirements relating to SFX. This course may also be useful to those managing SFX staff and contractors; and to production members with and interest in safe management of SFX such as Production Designers, Art Directors, Production Managers etc.
Designed to help people understand key health and safety issues involved in special effects safety relating to productions.

Learning Type: Interactive session utilising multimedia presentation, review of real life incidents, syndicate exercises, group participation and discussion.

Course Content 

The course emphasizes the importance of identifying the hazards and risks associated with the planning, design and implementation of special effects work. Demonstrating satisfactory risk assessments and gaining an understanding of the responsibilities associated with associated contractors and specialists are also featured.

  • Criminal/ Civil Law – brief outline to introduce concepts of risk assessment, duty of care and negligence
  • The requirement for Risk Assessment and practical exercises to demonstrate this
  • Locations; the hazards to be aware of
  • Fire Safety; fire cover, safe materials, structural integrity, how to reduce the fire risk and emergency arrangements
  • Safe use and legal requirements for the use of equipment, including electrical and lifting equipment
  • Working at heights, Scaffold Towers, Mobile Elevated Working Platforms, Ladder safety
  • Manual Handling, Noise, Hazardous Substances, Protective Equipment and the hierarchy of controls
  • Workshop safety
  • Emergencies, first aid and accident/incident reporting
  • The safety issues relating to props
  • How best to manage contractors and sub contractors and the adequate exchange of information with third parties

Aims & Objectives:

  • Health and safety responsibilities & what the law says about design health and safety
  • The health and safety issues to be considered when working at a variety of venues and locations and the exchange of information
  • The acceptable standards to which effects, rigs, props and other equipment should be designed and built, to ensure they are safe and fit for purpose
  • Risk assessment and the need for effective communication
  • The recognition of hazards and how to control the risks
  • The assessment of safety competency
  • The acceptable working practices and standards which should be employed by the various crafts and tradesmen and the safety of their equipment


Certificate of attendance will be issued upon request.

At client’s request, this course can be scheduled in our offices or offsite

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