Psychological Safety in Productions

Course Overview    

If your production involves stories around vulnerable contributors, or the content is likely to be distressing/challenging, then you should consider your duty of care to your contributors and the production staff involved in capturing and dealing with those stories. The psychological risks and impact of this type of work can - and should - be managed carefully. First Option have recently supported productions who are re-investigating previous alleged murders, examining footage from conflict zones, and others involving challenging content and difficult material.

First Option’s Medical Officer, Dr Colin Thomas and experienced associate psychologist, Susannah Robertson-Hart, are able to offer a tailored package of support, including help with your risk assessments, developing protocols for duty of care and supporting you as you plan how you will undertake your programme with the least possible risks to contributors and your staff. In addition, we can deliver training courses tailored to your needs - for example interviewing and dealing with vulnerable contributors, dealing with traumatic imagery and maintaining your mental wellbeing.

Duration: 2 - 3 hours

Courses and Content 


Vulnerable Contributors

  • Identifying and capturing production related psychological risks – for contributors and production teams
  • An overview of approaches to psychological assessment and support for contributors 
  • Engaging with vulnerable contributors in a sensitive and constructive manner – focused on the before / during / after stages of production
  • How to frame and manage interactions (e.g. interviews, research conversations) with contributors’ psychological wellbeing and professional boundaries in mind
  • Protect own mental wellbeing and build resilience

Challenging Materials

  • Awareness of the possible psychological impact of working with challenging or difficult content and material
  • Signs and reactions to look out for - in selves and others
  • Proactive working practices and procedures to proactively minimise exposure to challenging content
  • Practical individual strategies to manage and minimise the psychological impact of working with challenging content

Both of the above can also be delivered as a full day combined course.

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