Manual Handling

Course Overview    

This course is for anyone who is likely to lift or carry as part of their daily role.

Lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling of loads can cause a range of injuries – from back problems to other musculoskeletal disorders. Training to lift and carry correctly forms an important part of reducing manual handling risks. This course is intended to give a very practical understanding of the risks involved and control measures required for lifting and carrying activities.

Learning Type: Interactive session utilising multimedia presentation, review of real life incidents, syndicate exercises, group participation and discussion.

Duration: Up to 2 hours

Course Content 

This course incorporates both the theoretical and practical aspects lifting and carrying loads, including:

  • The need for back care and postural awareness and its associated myths
  • Workplace risk factors and mechanisms of injury – the leverage effect
  • Introduction of dynamic risk assessment
  • Introduction of functional anatomy and it’s role in back care and postural awareness
  • The dynamic approaches to lifting
  • Semi-squat techniques and its adaptations
  • The ‘hands-on’ application of dynamic handling
  • Pushing and pulling, dual/team lifting, loads with handles, awkward loads
  • Proactive approaches to musculoskeletal health
  • Stretching/strengthening

Aims & Objectives:

To develop delegates’ theoretical and practical understanding of back care concerns. At the end of the programme each delegate should be able to:

  • Identify manual handling hazards, assess the risks and suggest controls
  • Use sound techniques to move, lift or carry loads
  • Apply good techniques to their own workplace


Certificate of attendance will be issued upon request.

At client’s request, this course can be scheduled either in our offices or offsite - POA

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