COVID-19 supervision training for Student-led TV/Film Productions

Course Overview    

First Option in conjunction with Middlesex and Goldsmiths Universities has launched an e-learning training course on COVID-19 supervision  for Student-led TV/Film productions.

The course explains the current risk management protocols and best student practice in respect of COVID-19 and TV/Film production.

This learning builds upon the general principles established in ScreenSkills' Coronavirus Basic Awareness on Production training and sets out the procedures and protocols that should be implemented by all student-led academic productions to both operate safely and ensure compliance to help keep students, cast, staff and members of the public healthy and safe.

Who It's For

This training is for individual students or staff enrolled to assist in delivering COVID-19 health and safety arrangements on academic productions, designated as a Covid Supervisor, Marshall or equivalent term.


This 2-3 hour e-learning session will help inform a detailed and specific production COVID-19 risk assessment, in line with broader health and safety requirements and best practice.  It will include a template COVID-19 risk assessment which delegates can use within their own institutions.

Course Content

This learning focuses on the practical aspects of safely managing COVID-19 risks on a student-led production. As well as revisiting some of the essential knowledge covered in the Coronavirus Basic Awareness course on ScreenSkills, this learning will cover the recommended protocols and arrangements for the following: 

  • H&S Responsibilities
  • COVID-19 and transmission
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Spreading of Coronavirus
  • Travel to and from productions
  • Protective and preventive measures
  • Hierarchy of control
  • COVID-19 Protocols
    • Separation and distancing
    • Production work organisation
    • Crewing levels
    • Travel to and from productions
    • Office/workshop set up
    • Recces, surveys and site visits
    • Location selection
    • Meetings, auditions
    • Health declarations
    • Symptom monitoring
    • Action to be taken in the event of confirmed or suspected cases
    • Equipment spaces
    • Cleaning and disinfection
    • PPE vs face coverings
    • Other PPE
    • Filming and scripted action
    • Close contact work
    • Hair and makeup
    • Costume and wardrobe
    • Galleries
    • Post-production
    • Catering and eating
  • Insurance/liabilities considerations
  • Contact tracing
  • Data collection
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Non-cooperation
  • How to write a risk assessment

FAQs & Booking

Online Course
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£495 + VAT (unlimited users)

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