Asbestos Awareness

Course Overview    

The course is for Production Execs, Producers, Productions Managers, Directors, 1st ADs, Location managers, Construction managers, Designers, other production heads of departments including editorial staff

This course will give production staff a practical understanding of the potential hazards of asbestos and the precautions necessary to control exposure.

Learning Type: Interactive session utilising multimedia presentation, review of real life incidents, syndicate exercises, group participation and discussion.

Duration: 2 hours

Course Content 

Course Content:

  • Identifying the different types of asbestos, their sources, properties and typical applications in buildings and other locations
  • Understanding asbestos health effects and related exposure limits
  • Putting into context the Asbestos Regulations and their relevance to the operations of an organisation when making programmes
  • Identifying the individual ‘duty holders’ and their roles and responsibilities
  • Discussing issues of competence and selection of duty holders
  • Introducing and explain organisational policy on the Regulations
  • Explaining the tools aimed at ensuring legal compliance with the Regulations
  • Outlining key topic areas such as the survey procedure, labelling policy, record keeping and emergency arrangements

 Aims & Objectives:

To develop delegates’ awareness of asbestos related issues. By the end of the training session delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the health risks associated with asbestos
  • Identify the different types of asbestos and their properties
  • Identify where asbestos is commonly found on productions
  • Understand the practical controls for asbestos safety
  • Know where to obtain further support, advice and guidance


A certificate of attendance will be provided on request.

At client’s request, this course can be scheduled either in our offices or offsite - POA

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